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CCHR London: Some Facts About Psychiatry

    factsBetween 2003-2009 mental heath disorders received the highest share of the
             NHS Budget – over £10 billion in 2008/9.

    factsChildren as young as four are being given Ritalin-style medication for
             behavioural problems in breach of NHS guidelines.

    factsThere has been a 65% increase in spending on drugs to treat ADHD over the last
             four years,costing the taxpayer over £31m a year.

    factsIn 2007 the NHS spent £17 million on ADHD drugs,£1.5 million on
             antidepressants and £3.5 million on anti-psychotics prescribed to children.

    factsDepartment of Health figures show last year 661,500 prescriptions were written
             out for Ritalin and similar drugs such as Concerta up from 382,000 in 2005.

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